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How to Overcome Private Finance Frauds In India
How to Overcome Private Finance Frauds In India
How to Overcome Private Finance Frauds In India  
  • Don’t believe in 30 paise & 40 paise Rate of Interest.
  • Don’t believe in 20 years Re-payment Tenure in Private Finance.
  • Don’t believe in mediators, that you can raise Private Finance without property.
  • Mediator’s create trust about Black Money Scam, getting into that trap will be fishy.
  • Paying Upfront Fees is complete crap, without a valuable reason don’t give any upfront fees.
  • If you are paying upfront fees please make sure you do mutual agreement like Bonds & Cheques.
  • Mediators ask you for one month upfront fees never and ever pay that fees.
  • Mediators will also ask you for 0.5 processing fees in upfront.
  • Never pay any Demand Draft upfront to mediators or private financier’s. If they ask you DD charges initially, it is completely frauds.
  • Paying advance for Third Party Collateral will not be refunded by the mediators. And finding perfect Third party collateral is completely hoax.Only Private Finance License holder can find them and organize funds for you.
  • Now a days private financiers are so greedy, they lend you money with high interest rate like 5% and 7%. You can raise funds immediately but the interest rates will spoil your principle and you cannot recover your property.
  • Does your property is held up with private financiers and couldn’t recover it… Don’t hesitate to fill the enquiry form.

The above points will tells you “How to Overcome Private Finance Frauds in India”. There are mediators who will say flashy words to create hoax and cheat you. Don’t be greedy and no one can earn money without hard and smart work.


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